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The other day, Sameer and Nandini from Morpehus Venture visited our apartment/workplace for a discussion. The agenda was the go-to-market strategy for lifemojo. There, we had an interesting discussion on what are the ways for a startup to do free/low cost marketing. Here I am putting my notes of the discussion and overall thoughts.

Thanks to Sameer and Nandini for their inputs.

Disclaimer: There is no way for a startup (atleast) to be able to sell a BAD product. Yeah, if you have a lot of money which you can burn in marketing, you may be able to…but no..not in case of a startups.

So lets see how you can spread the word about a good product in a startup.

1. The company must have a corporate blog. Share the journey, product roadmap, problems you faced, solutions you got and any relevant information likes company incorporation tips, CA/CS contacts, bootstrap opportunities etc.

2. All the founders and core members should have their individual blogs. Share your journey as individuals, your experiences in your respective roles.

3. Have RSS feeds for all your blogs/content on your site.

4. Share your blogs, digg them, stumble upon your site, blogs, articles.

5. Attend all the start-up/business events like Barcamp, Proto, Tie Events, OCC, Startup Saturday, Mobile Monday etc. Give your demos there. Talk about your company and exchange visiting cards. Wear T-shirts in all these events with your logo and company name. Have your first name and email Id at the back of the T-shirt.

6. Update your personal status on the social networks and messengers likes linkedin, orkut, facebook, gtalk, Yahoo etc, with your brand.

7. Have and update your accounts regularly at friendsfeed,  twitter etc.

8. There are more than 300 free press release sites available. Put regular posts on them.

9. Use free media, free postings, free classifieds.

10. Seed in others blogs, add comments in other’s blogs.

11. Seed your brand in the articles in traditional media.

12. Build apps in Orkut, facebook etc. Spread them with-in your community.

13. See what are the forums/sites/communities related to your focus area. For example, LifeMojo is into preventive health care, so we should find forums/communities related to that and seed our brand there.

14. Similarly, attend any seminars/conferences related to your focus area. Try to network there. Again carry your brand there along with you.

15. SEO, ofcourse.

15. Have “Refer a friend” or “Share it with your friends” kinda features in your site.

16. Spread the word within your Alumni groups, friends and family. Send mailers to your email groups/communities and ask for a feedback on the product/site.

17. Tie-ups with companies having related/complementary products/services. Use their user-base, brand and marketing channels.

I am sure there are more…Will keep updating this section.



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