My experience with first “free press release”

September 16, 2008 at 11:17 pm | Posted in lifeMojo, Marketing | Leave a comment
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We had prepared a list of free marketing strategies, which I mentioned in my previous post here. One of the items there was Free press release sites. Last week I had tried a couple of them. Here are my reactions/experiences:

  1. It gives you a big WOW feeling, once you see an article about your product on a live web page. Yeah I know its you who has posted it, but its still makes you feel great at heart.
  2. Your google search result numbers increase dramatically. Again a wow feeling!
  3. Free press release has a chain effect. There are many sites which will just copy your article from the free press release sites and publish them.
  4. The content of the press release usually doesn’t accept the links. You can provide links with the author information though. Do that, otherwise, its not going to increase your page rank.
  5. Do not use the sites whose page rank is 0. One, its of no use, other, this site might be banned by google.
  6. There were a few hours for which the free press release sites results were above our site, if I search LifeMojo on google ;). This was a pissing moment, but we realized, if we would have put LifeMojo links properly in all the free press releases, it wouldn’t have occured.
  7. No traffic as such from these sites, because no-one visits them except the search engine crawler.

Will try some more experiments on this and publish soon.


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