NSIT-DIT Alumni meet in Banglore on Nov 22 2008

November 25, 2008 at 2:57 pm | Posted in DIT Alumni, NSIT Alumni | 5 Comments

For the first time (for me at-least in Bangalore), We had an NSIT/DIT alumni meet . It was Nov 22, Saturday. We were 10 folks present there. It was great!

Amrinder from 98 batch told stories form his days in the Kashmiri gate campus of DIT. We had the junior most guys Kartik, Manav and Varun from 2007/08, who told us that now-a-days we have lot of girls in NSIT 😉

We had Rakesh, Anuj, Varun Gupta and Namit form 2004 batch and myself Himanshu from 2003 batch.

Then there were discussions about teachers, their nick names, DIT – the name change etc etc…..Man it was fun !

Here is a picture of the attendees with the names in the order of appearance (from left to right):

Manav Raman (COE 2007), Kartik (COE 2007), Komal Bhardwaj (COE 2005), Varun Gupta (COE 2004), Himanshu Khurana (me, COE 2003), Amrinder Singh (ECE 1998), Namit Nangia (COE 2004), Rakesh Mittal (ECE 2004), Varun Khurana (IT 2008) and Anuj (COE 2004).


Thanks everybody for attending the event.

I hope to you see you guys and others in Bangalore, more often in future.




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  1. Rakesh Mittal was ECE 2004 😉

    Good to see the enthu in ppl. I am sure next time the attendance would double.

  2. Thanks for correcting me Amit! I have updated the post.

  3. Gr8 2 see u guys out together.

  4. Hi Guys,
    All the best for your venture!!!

    Great to see a NSIT alumni meet happening, something which is really rare..hope you guys mobilise more junta in bangalore for future meets

    COE- Batch of 2004

  5. Thanks Akash!
    Hope we make it a bigger success next time 🙂

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