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Himanshu Khurana is a cofounder of LifeMojo, a Healthy Lifestyle company and is taking care of marketing and finance there.

Himanshu Khurana, did his BE Computer Science from NSIT Delhi, graduated in 2003 and joined Trilogy. Worked at Trilogy for 3 years and went on to experience the startup world at ngpay(JiGrahak) . Worked there for 2 years and started LifeMojo with two of his friends, Namit Nangia and Varun Gupta.

Email/Gtalk: hkhurana [at] gmail [dot] com



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  1. Hii

  2. Just starting a company … your blog was pretty good in helping in giving the initial direction.

    Thanks!! Keep writing!!

  3. Hai Mr.Khurana , thanks for your all good comments on the partnership business , i recently opened a partnership firm in hyderabad. and the sub registrar just gave me my deed of partnership with his stamps on it . but he has not given me any registration certificate, Sales tax number. what i need to do to get the registration certificate and sales tax number. Thanks !!

  4. @Harish Lakhwani
    I am not sure if the registration certificate is given out in case of partnership firm, but the sales tax number is not provided by the registrar. Its a separate affair and you can talk to a local CA or CS, who can help you getting a sales tax number.

    Hope this helps!

  5. @Mohana Thanks!

  6. Thanks a lot !!

  7. Was tresspassing other websites. Found your site. Its really good and subject is really goodOne in the long run!! Keep up the good work Himanshu!


  8. Nice blog on incorporation of a company. Thanks.

  9. Thanks Himanshu for taking the time and effort to do this. Really helpful.

  10. hai thanks for all ur good guidence…i would like to start a new private company in banglore.to whom i want to approach for filing the documents??and i would like to know about the organisational structure of a private company.

  11. @Anand @Mukund @Dileep @gopi
    Thanks guys!

    @gopi I can connect you to my CS in Bangalore for the registration. Drop me a mail at himanshu [at] lifemojo [dot] com

  12. thanks a lot

  13. Hi,

    Two of my friends had started aprivate limited company and subsequesntly I joined them as director in the year 2007.

    Company was in loss for first year and second year in profit.Now one of our friends suggested to split and operate separately.

    I have two options 1. to take over the company 2. Take out my shares and start a new propriotory company.What is that you suggest I should do ?

  14. @Manohar Thats quite a broad question. It all depends on what is the future prospect of the company. Would you be able to run the company alone, etc. If you are going to start a new company, would you be in competition to your previous company? If you are going to take out some shares, would your friend be able to run the company? Are both of your friends also splitting or they will be together?

  15. Its a industrial automation company one of us is technical, I have marketing profile and thrid has commercial background.Both of them are relative and will be together.

    Some time back I have independently handled few projects with the help of outside vendors and mostly successful.I may thinking of taking over by transfering their shares to my wife name and run company with the help of outside vendors.Do you think it is possible ?

  16. @Manohar Well if you think it is possible, then it is. At the end of the day, you will be running the business. So it should be entirely your call.

  17. Thanks for your responce

  18. It is true that dollar surpluses and sudden balance of payments crises do not plague the world under fluctuating exchange rates. ,

  19. @Maxx87 I am sorry, I have no idea.

  20. Dear Sir,
    i floated a pvt ltd company . myself and wife are directors. just we started 2 months back. can we get loan from bank?? can we give our personal properties like land or building as security ?

  21. Hi Mr Ramachandran,

    A private limited company is a separate entity from both of you. You can get a loan from the bank, but not on the basis of your personal properties as security. The bank recognizes the assets owned by the company only.

  22. Thanks a lot Himanshu for your really helpful insights 🙂

  23. Thanks mr. Khurana for sharing this information as lot of people are not aware of company formation before starting their business.

  24. Hi Himanshu,

    We are three founders. One of them is looking Commericals, one is technical and I am looking after the marketing.

    The company till last year had not anything to market, so I was working with our clients to deliver their Marketing campaigns.

    Further now we are into web and online app business, I have come up with a basic website for company but still there were a lot of issues developing it from my side coz I never have developed or witness any such cycle.

    One of them was already the director and lately he has invited the other tech guy to be one also. The reason he says is to lower the work load on him as director.

    But what I see is when we go to Investor , my position is very whimsical , and as a founder (according to general thots), I dint do anything great for our company (as the clients with whom we were working earlier are dumped).

    So my question is, Is there someethign I can do to make my position secure in the Co?

    As I have already started on Marketing plan, but in the investor do this Marketing Plan really matters?

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