HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Twitter #Hashtags

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Ben Parr, an author on mashable, wrote a couple of useful tips on getting most out of the twitter hashtags. I try to tag all my runs with #lifemojo and #run. It helps in organizing the information better. If everyone agrees to append a certain hashtag to tweets about a topic (say running), it becomes easier to find that topic in search, and more likely the topic will appear in Twitter’s Trending Topics.

Check out this post:


2 easy ways to track social networks in Google Analytics

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Awesome information on customizing your google analytics report, to track social networks or any other kind of traffic. Made me learn much more about google analytics.

Option 2 is a good one! Check it out:

Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet? Well…is it?

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I read this guest post on TechCruch by Professor Eric Clemons (from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania) yesterday on Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet. His point is that people don’t need/trust/like advertisements. But hasn’t that always been the case? If it is not relevant to me or its not funny, I don’t like advertisement….right? And nothing has changed on that front!

I think, the fall in advertisement revenues is primarily because of fear of recession and hence cost-cutting. Marketing and R&D are the two most affected verticals when it comes to cost-cutting.

So it is perfectly sensible to look for alternate sources of revenue in such times. Build something which people want to pay for!

I am sure that the advertisement is going to boom again, once the economy is back on track!

Google search wiki launched in India

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When I wrote the post  Google goes democratic around 20 days back, it wasn’t yet launched in India and I was not able to see the feature myself. Today morning, when I woke up and I was doing some usual stuff, I noticed it is now enabled in India. Cool!

Google is saying that it will affect your own search results only, but there are some opinions that google will tweak its search results on the basis of search wiki feature. Lot of work ahead for SEO folks!


Check out the google official blog here

HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Technorati and Friendfeed

December 15, 2008 at 6:10 pm | Posted in friendfeed, lifeMojo, Marketing, technorati | 1 Comment

Read these two interesting articles on mashable about making the most of Technorati and Friendfeed.

We at LifeMojo created accounts for both and found these 2 artciles very useful, not only in setting up the accounts but tweaking them to get the maximum attention. Hope these will be useful!


Using twitter as a marketing tool

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Here is an interesting post by Guy Kawasaki on using twitter as a marketing tool.

We at had created a LifeMojo twitter account some time back. We had started posting health tips on our twitter updates. And now we are using twitterfeed to automatically pull titles and URLs of our articles from the RSS feeds. Twitterfeed is cool man!

Also, today we created a twitter theme. Check out the Created a twitter theme post on LifeMojo official blog.

Branding Mavericks

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Namit from LifeMojo posted an interesting example of Branding Mavericks here :

Check this out!

Agile Marketing

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LifeMojo is launched and till now it has spread by word of mouth.

Now we are thinking of some ways of direct marketing. I was just going through some of the literature available. I came across this concept of agile-marketing. Here is the post, where I saw this term. It is basically similar to agile methodology we apply in product development. So I can relate it 🙂


How To Make Press Releases More SEO Friendly?

November 5, 2008 at 4:08 am | Posted in Marketing, Press Release, SEO | Leave a comment
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Read an interesting post on mashable by Sarah Evans, the director of communications at Elgin Community College (ECC) in Elgin, Illinois. She also writes a PR and social media blog,

Check it out!

Another interesting post on press release, which she has also pointed to iton how to write a press release:


Google pagerank calculator

November 1, 2008 at 12:25 pm | Posted in google, Marketing, PageRank, SEO | 1 Comment
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Once you have read the article mentioned in my previous post

and understood the basics of how a page rank is calculated. Here is a handy Google pagerank calculator, you can play with.


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