Venture Capital Deal Algebra

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Here is some Good basic mathematics on the venture capital deal. Check it out:


Professional Tax in Karnataka India

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I see a lot of questions over paying the professional tax for a company and for the employees. Here is a very useful document which gives you the criterion and slabs for paying the professional tax in Bangalore/Karnataka, India. Hope it will help.

Professional Tax in karnataka India


Finance for Entrepreneurs

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On Oct 3 and 4 2008, there was a 2 days workshop/course on Finance for Entrepreneurs, by Prof M Jayadev, IIM Banaglore. It was organized by NSRCEL. Since, I hold the responsibility of handling finances at LifeMojo, so I thought of attending it.

My wife is doing her CA final and I have learnt the basic fundamentals of corporate finance and accounting from her. Having some knowledge of basic fundamentals and then attending this course proved to be very useful. There were case-studies, practice questions etc, which gave me a good hands-on experience. The first thing I did after coming back, was to prepare a balance sheet for LifeMojo myself, and yes, I was able to do that )

There was also a good coverage on company evaluation and what a bank or an investor looks for in a company as well. These were some great discussions and most of these topics were very new for me.

Prof Jayadev gave away copies of a book for self-reading. It was “Finance Sense : Finance for Non-finance executives” by Prasanna Chandra.

Here is what the content of the course was:

  1. Introduction to Basics of Financial Accounting – Balance Sheet
  2. Income statement, Cash Flow Statement and Financial Statement Analysis
  3. Concept of Working Capital, Working Capital Management and Working Capital cycle
  4. Business planning and forecasting
  5. Capital Budgeting and analysis of Investment proposals
  6. Payback period – NPV and IRR
  7. Breakeven Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis
  8. Life cycle costing and business strategy, Target costing and Pricing Strategies
  9. Entrepreneurial finance and financing options

Overall, it was great to be a part of this course. I also recevied a certificate from the Prof, for attending the course 😉

My first step into Entrepreneurship

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Here I go.

I took my first step into entrepreneurship, in May 2008 this year, when I started LifeMojo, along with three of my friends.

Lifemojo is focussed on prevention of lifestyle diseases and is currently planning to cater Indian/NRI market.


With LifeMojo, we would be selling experts’ consultancy and health products for healthy lifestyle. LifeMojo‘s reach would be through web, GPRS and SMS.

I will be taking care of the Technology part as far as GPRS and SMS based access from mobile is concerned. I will also be handling the Marketing and Finance part.

LifeMojo, is in private beta right now and would be moving to public beta, by early October. You can sign up here for a beta access.

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