Health Ministry comes up with obesity guidelines for India

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The BMI—considered the individual’s fitness and obesity indicator—is the ratio of the body weight in kg versus height in m^2.

Key Points in the new guidelines in the story here


SUICIDAL SIDE EFFECTS – 17 lose licence to make obesity drug | Mint

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I read an article about 17 companies losing licence to make obesity drug. The article in 25th November 2008 ’s Mint suggests that these Obesity Drugs had side effects… read the entire article here.

I hope people would NOW stop looking for shortcuts and move on to natural and sustainable ways to lose weight i.e. Diet Control and Exercise.

Mexico pushes for national weight loss

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In Mexico, which is on track to catch up with the United States within a decade as one of the world’s fattests countries, nearly half of its 110 million people are overweight and the number of fat children has climbed 8 percent a year in the last decade.

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